VM* is a family of model manipulation languages aimed at giving all modelers, regardless of their level of technical expertise, access to powerful, easy to use tools for exploring and modifying their models.

The VM* family consists of three closely related task-specific languagess: the Visual Model Transformation Language (VMTL), the Visual Model Query Language (VMQL), and the Visual Model Constraint Language (VMCL).

For more details, see the VM* Wiki.


Hypersonic is a RESTful Web service API that supports a variety of model analysis operations, such as clone detection and model difference computation. It is implemented entirely in Prolog, and acts as a Web service wrapper around the MACH model analysis tool. The goal of Hypersonic is to highlight the many benefits that service-based architectures can bring to modeling tools.

Web-based client for the API is publicly available.

For a description of the implementation and its underlying concepts, see Hypersonic: Model Analysis and Checking in the Cloud.


MQ-2 is an implementation of the Visual Model Query Language (VMQL) as a plug-in for the MagicDraw modeling environment. It supports the Query By-Example (QBE) paradigm for model querying, according to which users can formulate queries as model fragments whose occurrences in the queried model are then identified. The model fragments acting as queries can be annotated by some simple expressions in order to achieve highly expressive declarative queries. The goal of MQ-2 and VMQL is to allow any modeler, including novices and domain experts, to execute expressive queries on large models without having to learn a fully-fledged dedicated query language.

Addition an information on MQ-2, including an installation kit, documentation, and a screencast, is available on the tool’s Web page.