This is a list of my research publications to date. For bibliometric data, see my Google Scholar page.

Model-Based Software Engineering

V. Acrețoaie, H. Störrle, D. Strüber: Model Transformation for End-User Modelers with VMTL. In: Proc. ACM/IEEE 19th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS’16), pp. 305. ACM (2016).

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Web Services

C.B. Pop, V.R. Chifu, I. Salomie, M. Dinsoreanu, T. David, V. Acrețoaie, A. Nagy, C. Oprisa: Biologically-inspired clustering of semantic Web services. Birds or ants intelligence?. In: Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol. 24, pp. 619-633. John Wiley and Sons (2012).

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C.B. Pop, V.R. Chifu, I. Salomie, M. Dinsoreanu, T. David, V. Acrețoaie: Ant-Inspired Technique for Automatic Web Service Composition and Selection. In: Proc. 12th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNACS 2010), pp. 449-455. IEEE (2010).

Distributed Systems

V. Acrețoaie, E. Caron, C. Tedeschi: A Practical Study of Self-Stabilization for Prefix-Tree Based Overlay Networks. In: Workshop Proc. 2010 International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation (HPCS’10), pp. 341-347. IEEE (2010).

Embedded Systems

S.O. Marinescu, D. Tămaș-Selicean, V. Acrețoaie, P. Pop: Timing Analysis of Mixed-Criticality Hard Real-Time Applications Implemented on Distributed Partitioned Architectures. In: Proc. 17th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation (ETFA’12), pp. 1-4. IEEE (2012).